Monday, August 6, 2012


Luovuttaa is  one of those verbs that can mean different things depending on the context. Some everyday examples of the use:

  • Älä luovuta! - Don't give up!
  • Oletko koskaan luovuttanut verta? - Have you ever donated blood?

The four useful forms: luovuttaa, luovutan, luovutin, luovuttanut

(Update on 30.11.2013: I wonder why is this post so popular nowadays. Almost 200 hits in a week. Why are people searching for the verb luovuttaa?)

(Update on 20.12. Ok, almost 600 hits in a month. Please, someone tell me how you ended up reading this post! :))


Anonymous said...

Hei, it's just that this is one of your first posts and another possible explanation might be that one of the soul captain band's (sound explosion band nowadays) 'biisit' is älä luovuta (with Seppo Paarma I think).

Hanna said...

Ok. Kiitos! :) The verb is also repeated a lot in the song 'Mä annan sut pois" by Laura Närhi / Anna Abreu.