Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moi moi!

For the past couple of days, I've been paying attention to what people actually say when they leave. In addition to Hei hei, Moi moi, Heippa and Moikka, here's what I've heard. Do you have something to add?

  • Soitellaan. - Let's call each other.
  • Viestitellään. - Let's send each other text messages.
  • Ollaan yhteydessä. - Let's be in touch.
  • Huomiseen. - Until tomorrow.
  • Palataan (asiaan). - Let's get back to the topic.
  • Nähdään. - See you! (In spoken language, this turns into Nähää.)
  • Kiitos seurasta. - Thanks for the company.


puudyyni said...

What about those, that I found here and there ?
What are the differences (familiar/formal, time of day, ...) ?

hyvää yötä
voi hyvin
tavataan myöhemmin
tavataan pian

Anonymous said...

- "hyvää yötä" means "good night"
- "näkemiin" means "see you" and is used for People you don't know any closer
- "tavataan myöhemmin" means "let's meet later"
- "tavataan pian" means "let's meet soon"