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Welcome to read my Random Finnish Lesson blog! Tervetuloa lukemaan blogiani! 

My name is Hanna Männikkölahti, and I am a native Finn, a professional Finnish teacher and a book simplifier. Here's a little post about what I do at work.

If you are new to my blog and you are using a mobile device,  I warmly recommend you to switch into a web version (scroll down the page) as I have all kinds of useful lists and links on the right hand banner. I'm quite sure that I have already written something about the most common grammar topics. However, if you cannot find something that you are looking for, feel free to leave a comment or a question. I hope you'll find this blog useful and share it with your friends. 

If you are looking for an online course, please take a look at Emmi Seppälä's Finking Cap Club. I have written about Emmi in two posts: 

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Olen suomen kielen opettaja ja selkomukauttaja Hanna Männikkölahti. Voit lukea minusta ja kirjoistani lisää www.linktr.ee/hannamannikkolahti-sivulla. Voit myös seurata tätä blogia, jolloin saat uudet blogikirjoitukseni suoraan sähköpostiisi.

About the author of Random Finnish Lesson: 

My name is Hanna Männikkölahti. I am a professional Finnish teacher who gives private online lessons and simplifies books into easy Finnish. Please read more in www.linktr.ee/hannamannikkolahti and follow this blog, if you want to be the first one to know when I post something new. 


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thank you.I got what I was looking for.😊😊😊👍

Unknown said...

Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am using it to prepare for YKI test. I would like to know which of the verb tenses I would need for the YKI test at intermediate level.

As I have understood, there are 4 verb tenses in Finnish language.
Apart from preesens and imperfekti, are there other tenses I should learn?

Thanks in advance.

Vanny said...

Hi thanks, I´m from Brazil and have plans to move to Tampere next year, I meet my boyfriend in Nokia company that I worked for 15 years and now finally decide move from Brazil. For me very difficult learn Finnish but I´m trying. I loved your Blog...congrats..parabéns... Vanny

Kostas Touloumbis said...

Terve Hanna. I just have purchased Tuntematon Kimi Räikkönen in normal language form and the Selkomukautus of the Avain series. I am trying to understand the concept (formula) of the selcokieli from, from the normal language that you are using. Please give me a small example in the Aluksi or even the punainen mies kuala lumpurissa in selkokieli chapter of the book which i havent saw in the normal print book so that i can compare myself.
Thanks in advance
Kostas Touloumbis

Kelly Jason said...

I was just wondering if there is someplace where the is an audio of the easy book, Punainen Kuin Veri. I would like to hear someone read it to help me with pronunciation. Thank you.

Katrien Notebaert said...

KIITOS paljon blogistasi! On tosi hyödyllinen minulle ja olen kiitollinen paljon vinkeistä. Blogin takia minun suomen opiskeluni on kivempaa :-)