Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last minute Yki tips

This post is for those who are about to take the intermediate Yki test in the near future.  If you don't have time to read all my posts before the exam, review at least these ones:

Random courses on Memrise:

You will have 55 minutes to write three texts. The time reserved for reading comprehension, usually 5 or 6 texts, is 60 minutes. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to complete all the tasks. 

This list is copied from the latest paper issue of Puhutaan suomea magazine, which has an article about Yki test. These are the most typical topics at the intermediate level, so make sure you know how to talk and write about them. 

  • Minä ja taustani - Me and my background
  • Koti ja asuminen - Home and living
  • Jokapäiväinen elämä - Everyday life
  • Sosiaalinen vuorovaikutus - Social interaction
  • Matkustaminen - Traveling
  • Terveys ja hyvinvointi - Health and well-being
  • Työ - Work
  • Ympäristö ja maantuntemus - Environment and geography
  • Yhteiskunta - Society

After completing all the reading and listening exercises and brushing up your vocabulary, speaking and writing, take a break and sing along in Finnish!  Before the exam day, go to bed early and make sure not to sleep in in the morning. Trust on yourself, and you'll do just fine.

Here are all the posts that I have written about Yki.


Melissa said...

Thanks for this list, Hanna! It's really helpful!

Anonymous said...

That's so Finnish language. :) Thanks for your advices. Sisu sisu sisu......

Anonymous said...

Hello, what book to follow for listening excersice?

Anonymous said...

Hei Hanna,

I discovered your blog just before taking the YKI exam in November, it helped me a lot to get familiar with the test format. I have passed the exam, so I just wanted to thank you for just a wonderful work you are doing.

To everyone planing to take YKI exam, read every single post on this blog, it will definitely help you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Thanks for all the information.great blog.has helped me a lot in learning finnish.and I have passed my yki test and I must say I am thankful to you for providing great information.

Hanna said...

That is so nice to hear! I'm glad that this blog has been helpful. :)

vvv said...

Thanks for this blog, very informative! However I wonder how YKI test is graded. the max score is 4, then 3 and below 3. Score 3 means you've passed and below 3 you didn't. but how the gradation system works? if you made correct 50% of a particular YKI 's part, would it get you 3?