Friday, October 11, 2013

Finnish words with nothing but u's

Inspired by a little lady who can ask for plums, here's a list of Finnish words  and expressions that don't have any other vowels but u's. Just for the fun of it.

  1. huhu
  2. hupsu
  3. juju
  4. juttu
  5. kuu
  6. luu
  7. luumu
  8. muu
  9. nuppu
  10. puklu
  11. pusu
  12. ruusu
  13. suu
  14. tupsu
  15. Tuu, muru!
  16. Puhu, hullu!
  17. Sun huppu juuttuu puuhun.
  18. Pulu nukkuu.
  19. Mun tuttu puuttuu.
  20. Sun pupu hukkuu. 

Here are the translations:

  1. a rumor
  2. silly 
  3. a catch, a trick
  4. a thing
  5. a moon
  6. a bone
  7. a plum
  8. other
  9. a bud
  10. baby barf
  11. a kiss
  12. a rose
  13. a mouth
  14. a tassel
  15. Come, darling!
  16. Speak, you crazy!
  17. Your hood is getting stuck in a tree. 
  18. A pigeon is sleeping. 
  19. My acquaintance is missing. 
  20. Your bunny rabbit is drowning.

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