Friday, October 11, 2013

My favourite language blogs

I like to read other people's language blogs. Whenever I have time I check out what's new in the super inspirational Fluent in 3 Months. I also like to follow this Finnish girl's blog about Living a Dream in China. Here's a post where she lists different Chinese learning methods. I'm sure you can apply them to studying Finnish, too. Some elementary schools in Finland have already started teaching Chinese, and I wonder when studying Chinese will be an everyday thing all over the country! 33 letters is the Russian language blog that I follow. I also like to watch the Finnish news in Russian.

What are your favourite language blogs?


Nick O. said...

Finnish word of the day is a good one.

Esperanza said...

Besides this blog, I read Oppitori ( and Puhu Minulle Suomea (

I am also creating my own blog about Finnish language for Spaniards (because it is written in Spanish). I hope to make it public soon. It is a kind of a resources web and my reflections about the language during my learning time :)

Sara said...

Thank you Hanna for the mention :) Interesting to find a blog dedicated to teaching Finnish, keep up the good work!