Friday, October 17, 2014

Asking ko-questions in spoken Finnish

Asking questions with the question ending ko or can be a bit different in spoken language. Some people don't really say the ko or , but instead, there's a ks between the verb and the personal pronoun.

  • Onko sinulla rahaa? > Onks sul rahaa? - Do you have money?

Examples with syödä, to eat.

First the written language version, then the same question in spoken language:

  • Syönkö minä? > Syönks mä? - Do I eat?
  • Syötkö sinä? > Syöks sä? / Syöt sä? - Do you eat? (Yes, two variations!)
  • Syökö hän? > Syöks se? - Does s/he eat?
  • Syömmekö me? > Syödäänks me? - Do we eat?
  • Syöttekö te? > Syötteks te? - Do you eat?
  • Syövätkö he? > Syöks ne? - Do they eat?

In a negative question, the ks ending is added to ei.

  • Enkö minä syö? > Enks mä syö? - Don't I eat?
  • Etkö sinä syö? > Eksä / Etsä syö? - Don't you eat?
  • Eikö hän syö? > Eiks se syö? - Doesn't s/he eat?
  • Emmekö me syö? > Eiks me syödä? - Don't we eat?
  • Ettekö te syö? > Etteks te syö? - Don't you eat?
  • Eivätkö he syö? > Eiks ne syö? - Don't they eat?

10 random eating-related questions in spoken language:

  1. Onks teillä mitään syötävää? - Do you have anything to eat?
  2. Syöksä lihaa? - Do you eat meat? 
  3. Syötteks te meidän pöydässä? - Will you eat at our table?
  4. Saanks mä syödä loput? - May I eat the rest?
  5. Söitteks te jo? - Did you eat already?
  6. Etteks te syö mitään? - Won't you eat anything?
  7. Eksä syöny mitään? - Didn't you eat anything?
  8. Eiks sulla oo nälkä? - Aren't you hungry?
  9. Oliks hyvää? - Was (it) good?
  10. Otaksä lisää? - Will you take some more?

Notice that not everybody uses all of these forms, and especially the forms of the personal pronouns depend on the dialect. If you have Finnish friends, ask how they would say these sentences.:)

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Anonymous said...

Also syötsä, otatsä, ...

Anonymous said...

Super helpful! Thanks!

Liisa H said...

3. Will you eat at our table? 4. May I eat the rest?

Hanna said...

Kiitos, korjasin.:)

Unknown said...

Sooo to make it clear - when we use "you" form of the verb, we drop the "t" in the end and add "ks"? And it always works like that?