Friday, December 5, 2014

Online shopping in Finnish

I was asked to write a post about online shopping in Finnish. I use ifolor for ordering photos, and adlibris and for occasional books, but otherwise I'm not so familiar with the topic. Here's a list of words and phrases that you might find useful:

  • Alennuskoodi - Discount code
  • Asiakaspalvelu - Customer service
  • Hae tuotetta - Search for a product
  • Kassalle - To checkout
  • Kiitos tilauksesta! - Thank you for the order!
  • Kirjaudu - Log in
  • Käyttäjätunnus - User ID
  • Lataa - Download
  • Lisää ostoskoriin - Add to the shopping basket
  • Muokkaa ostoskoria - Edit the shopping basket
  • Oma tili - (Your) own account
  • Ostokorisi on tyhjä. - Your shopping basket is empty.
  • Pysy sisäänkirjautuneena? - Stay logged in?
  • Rekisteröidy - Register
  • Salasana - Password
  • Salasana unohtunut? - Password forgotten?
  • Tallenna - Save
  • Tilaa - Order
  • Tilaa uutiskirjeemme - Order our newsletter
  • Tuotteesi - Your products
  • Tuotteet - Products
  • Usein kysyttyä - Frequently asked
  • Uutuuksia - Newly arrivals

Let me know if I'm missing something important.:)

Oh, if you have extra money and you don't know what you want, I'm sure you'll find something in Mulle toi. = That one for me.


Anonymous said...

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