Sunday, March 27, 2016

My top three Finnish products right now

I decided to stop having ads in my blog  because I just got startled by them myself. (No thank you, I don't need a hair transplant.) Inspired by that, here's my top 3 list of Finnish products right now:

What are your favourite Finnish products?


Unknown said...

Kuukuppi? So kuu means "periods"? how do you say "I have my periods" thens? Olen kuussa? Minulla on kuu?
How do you say PMS? How do you say period pains? I'm suddenly very curious as I'm sure there's nothing about these in my books XD

Could this be the topic of a post?

bsb said...

I think you say 'minulla on kuukautiset'. But what do I know? I'm a man.

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Yes, "kuu" is a the moon and a month. Like "kuukävely" (a moon walk) and "lokakuu".
Period is "kuukautiset". In colloquial Finnish, it can also be "menkat" from the word menstruation. When your stomach hurts, it's "Mulla on maha kipeä."