Friday, May 27, 2016

Being pregnant in Finnish

When a woman is expecting a child in Finnish, she's raskaana, which literally means in a heavy condition. (Raskas means heavy.)  Here are some common pregnancy-related phrases:

  • Oletko kuullut kuka odottaa vauvaa? - Have you heard who is expecting a baby?
  • Mun sisko on raskaana. - My sister is pregnant.
  • Meille tulee vauva! - We're going to have a baby!
  • Villestä tulee isoveli. - Ville is going to be a big brother. 
  • Sinä saat pikkusiskon. - You're going to have a little sister.
  • Laskettu aika on lokakuussa.  - The expected due date is in October. 
  • Onkohan Tiina raskaana? - I wonder if Tiina is pregnant. (Notice that it is not polite to ask a woman if she's pregnant!)

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p.s. Jos puhut jo hyvin suomea ja asut Jyväskylässä, tervetuloa keskustelukurssille!

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