Friday, October 28, 2016

Finnish passive in a nutshell

Here are all the posts that I have written that have something to do with passive:

  • Minä maalaan tuon seinän huomenna. - I'll paint that wall tomorrow. 

In a passive sentence, you'd start with the object: 

  • Tuo seinä maalataan huomenna. - That wall will be painted tomorrow. 

You can also start a passive sentence with a time expression or a place.

  • Huomenna tuo seinä vihdoin maalataan! - Tomorrow, they will finally paint that wall!
  • Koulussa maalataan vesiväreillä. - At school, they paint with watercolours.

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Angela said...

um...i hope that is "vesiväreillä".

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Oho, joo! Ei "veriväreillä" vaan "vesiväreillä". Vaikka sekin sopisi, kun pian on Halloween.:)

Anonymous said...


Can you explain further the differences between passive voice and generic sentence? I do have troubles using them.

Thank you so much