Friday, January 20, 2017

Mistakes to avoid in the speaking exam

Sometimes good speakers don't succeed in exams as well as they'd expect. Make sure not to make these mistakes:

  1. Puhut väärästä aiheesta. - You talk about the wrong topic.
  2. Et ymmärrä ohjeita. - You don't understand the instructions.
  3. Et sano mitään, koska pelkäät virheitä. - You don't say anything because you're afraid of mistakes. 
  4. Mietit ja kirjoitat muistiinpanoja liian kauan eikä sinulle jää tarpeeksi aikaa puhua. - You think and write down your ideas for too long and won't have enough time to speak. 
  5. Valitset liian vaikean aiheen. - You choose a topic that is too difficult. 
  6. Sinulla ei ole mitään sanottavaa. - You have nothing to say. (Practice having an opinion on everything!)

Onnea kokeeseen! - Good luck with the exam!

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Bales said...

Another mistake I made was to explain in English that I knew what they were asking me to talk about, I understood it all but could not communicate it in Finnish.....that did not get me through either!!

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Yes,no English. And no swearing in any language. :)

khan736 said...


I just had my YKI test and I have the following question.

Is it required to pass all the tasks in listening and speaking tests to get level 3?

I am asking this question as in my speaking and listening tests I made some mistakes in some of the tasks.