Monday, August 21, 2017

How to say "by" in Finnish

Yes, how to say by is a tough question. Sometimes it seems that you can just use by in the middle of a Finnish expression:

I would say that you have four ways to avoid the horrible use of by in the middle of a Finnish text:

Use a genitive:

  • Suomen käsityömuseon järjestämä kansallispukunäytös - A national costume show organized by Craft Museum of Finland

Use a whole sentence: 

Use a colon or parenthesis:

I know that something by someone is a quite popular structure when it comes to Finnish blogs and small business and event names. I wonder how many years it will take and we'll have Uudenvuoden puhe by tasavallan presidentti?

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  1. "add" - lisätä (usually not a noun)
    "ad" - mainos (short for advertisement)

    (Should I start feeling bad for doing these? Maybe you should just reject these comments :P)

    1. Ooh, kiitos! I knew it looked weird but I was too occupied with being annoyed by the fashion show ad. :) Please, keep correcting me, I do appreciate it. :)