Thursday, September 21, 2017

Booking a library book online in Finnish

Onko sinulla kirjastokortti? - Do you have a library card?

If not, go to the nearest library and get one! For online booking, you probably also need a code number that you can get from the librarians.

Varata is to book or to reserve, and varaa is the imperative form of the verb. Once you have found the book that you want, click varaa. Depending on the online booking system, you might have to click saatavuus (availability) before you can see the varaa button.

After that, choose the library from where you want to pick up the book. (I just had to check the English translation of noutopaikka, and according to my library's website, it's a pick-up branch.) Remember to click tallenna varaus, which means save the reservation

Reserving books and dvds is free, but if you don't pick up what you have reserved, you have to pay 2 euros, at least in Central Finland. You'll get a text message when the book is available in your chosen library, and you can go and pick it up from the bookshelf where they collect all the reserved items. The bookshelf is also a fun place to see which books and dvd's people want to borrow! 

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Selkokirjoja. Books in easy Finnish.
Notice that the easy Finnish books are often placed in three different sections in the librabry: children's books, young adult books and adult books. Ask the librarians for help!

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