Salla Simukka's Valkea kuin lumi

Salla Simukka's Valkea kuin lumi is a second Finnish novel that I have simplified into easy Finnish.

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You might also find the book in a good bookstore, but you can definitely borrow or reserve Valkea kuin lumi from any Finnish library. If it's not on the shelf, ask the library staff for help.

Salla Simukka, the author of the original novel, is one of the most translated Finnish author of all times, and her young adult trilogy about Lumikki Andersson has been really popular in many countries. (Lumikki means Snow White.) I chose this trilogy to be simplified, because it is suitable for both teenagers and adults, and I thought it might be fun for the readers to follow the same character in three stories. Also, they are planning a movie based on the trilogy.

Valkea kuin lumi is the second novel of the trilogy. The heroine, Lumikki Andersson, is a high school student in Tampere. In the novel, she is on a summer holiday trip in Prague where she meets interesting people, ends up in dangerous situations and finds out something disturbing from her own past.

The original novel has approximately 250 pages, but the novel in easy Finnish has only 120, and the lines are much shorter than in a regular book. The sentences are short, and the complex grammar structures are made much easier.

I hope that you'll like the novel! It is also a great gift for someone who is studying Finnish and has reached at least an A2 or B1 level in their studies. You can read Valkea kuin lumi on its own, but it might be a good idea to read Punainen kuin veri first.

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Jennifer said...

So glad to have had a chance to read this book! It was an excellent sequel to Punainen kuin veri. The text was engaging and the vocabulary was easy enough that the book was really enjoyable to read and difficult enough for me to still learn a lot of new words. I would definitely recommend this for anyone whose Finnish is good for everyday conversations, but who still find reading the newspaper or regular books a little overwhelming. So glad that more and more of these books are being published to give a stepping stone between the easier Finnish classes and trying to navigate the "normal" literary world. Thanks for publishing these and can't wait for the 3rd installment!

Nazanin said...

Reading Valkea kuin lumi was an excellent experience for me. Following the main character from Punainen kuin veri, I was already familiar with her type of personality and the theme of the story, which made reading the 2nd book more pleasant for me. While reading the book, I did the multiple choice questions in teachable, which was fun too. Punainen kuin veri was the first book I read in Finnish, and I realized how much it has helped me when I started reading the second book-- I was more confident that I can finish the book.
I would definitely recommend this book to all those who are learning Finnish. Once again thanks to Hanna for publishing them. I can't wait to read the 3rd book from the sequence.