Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog statistics in January 2013

Page views since August: 14,671

Top five countries of visitors:
  1. Suomi - Finland
  2. Yhdysvallat - USA
  3. Ranska - France
  4. Ruotsi - Sweden
  5. Saksa - Germany
Most popular posts:
  1. Having sex in Finnish  (Not very proud of this.) 
  2. Terveisiä Suomesta!
  3. What to wear in winter in Finland
  4. YKI test
  5. Material for teaching yourself Finnish
According to the traffic sources, a lot of readers have been searching for Finnish sex and the band Bogart Co. Many have also found here through Finland Forum and Facebook.

My main inspirations are the readers' post ideas and traffic sources and my friends' and family members' language challenges. When I started this blog I thought I'd use it for saving and organizing my old teaching material, but this seems to have turned into something else.

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