Tuesday, May 5, 2015

yrittää - kokeilla

Have you ever wondered about the difference between yrittää and kokeilla?

Yrittää (yritän, yritin, yrittänyt) is to try or to attempt something. Usually quite hard. It is also used when talking about running a business.

  • Mä yritän ymmärtää sua.  - I'm trying to understand you.
  • Mä yritän saada paremman arvosanan ensi kerralla. - I'll try to get a better grade next time. 
  • Yritä vielä kerran! - Try one more time!
  • et edes yrittänyt! - You didn't even try!
  • Yrittäminen on kovaa työtä. - Running your own business is hard work.

Kokeilla (kokeilen, kokeilin, kokeillut) is also to try, but more like testing (also testata) or having an experiment.

  • Oletko kokeillut tätä reseptiä? - Have you tried this recipe?
  • Tätä kannattaa kokeilla. - This is worth trying. 
  • Nyt on sun vuoro kokeilla! - Now it's your turn to try!
  • Saanko mä kokeilla sun aurinkolaseja? - Can I try on your sunglasses?
  • Kokeile näitä kenkiä. - Try on these shoes. (You can also use the verb sovittaa in this context.)

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sachin kundu said...

so sovittaa is reserved for when "trying" clothes or shoes ? I know sovitus is trial room.