Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Things to say when going to sleep in Finnish

I'm sure you know that Good night is Hyvää yötä. Here are other things to say in Finnish when going to sleep, or hoping that other people would go to sleep.

  • Nyt nukkumaan! - Now to sleep!
  • Valot pois! - Lights off!
  • Pää tyynyyn! - (Put your) head on the pillow!
  • Jalat peiton alle! - (Put your) feet under the blanket!
  • Ei saa enää jutella! - No more talking allowed!
  • Nuku hyvin! - Sleep well!
  • Kauniita unia! - Beautiful dreams!
  • Aamulla nähdään! - See you in the morning! 

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