Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 most popular blog posts

It's the last day of the year, so here's some blog statistics:

These are my most viewed posts:

  1. YKI test (31000 pageviews!)
  2. Material for teaching yourself Finnish
  3. 100 very common Finnish words
  4. Last minute Yki tips
  5. Minulla on
  6. Having sex in Finnish
  7. A guide for a schoolkid's parents in easy Finnish (If you have kids who go to school in Finland, please check out my guide book if you haven't already done so. Writing this was a good practice for me, and I will actually have two real books in easy Finnish  published next year!)
  8. Finnish words that mean something else in other language
  9. 36 verbs you should maybe know
  10. What to wear in winter in Finland

I get most readers from these countries:

  1. Suomi - Finland
  2. Yhdysvallat - United States
  3. Venäjä - Russia
  4. Ranska - France
  5. United Kingdom - Yhdistynyt Kuningaskunta / Iso-Britannia ja Pohjois-Irlanti
  6. Saksa - Germany
  7. Ukraina - Ukraine
  8. Puola - Poland
  9. Ruotsi - Sweden
  10. Kanada - Canada

Kiitos kaikille lukijoille ja hyvää uutta vuotta 2017! 

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