Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Very common mistakes in Finnish

Have you ever tried to say Minä työn? You are not alone!

Here's a small post about very common mistakes that almost everybody has made or will make at some point. Feel free to leave a comment, if you have something to add to this list.


Ya is not a Finnish word. And is spelled ja. (Ya is Spanish and means jo - already.)


 Työdä is not a word. (At least not yet!) I have a post about talking about work in Finnish.


Kotoisin is not a verb. The expression to be (originally) from somewhere always requires the verb olla in front of it. Like in Minä olen kotoisin Seinäjoelta. - I'm originally from Seinäjoki, I grew up in Seinäjoki.


Takaisin is also not a verb. It just means back, and it's used in expressions like Milloin sä tuut takaisin? - When will you come back? and Katso, kuka on tullut takaisin. - Look who's back. 


 Say kirjoittaa, not kirjoa, unless you are embroidering.


Matka is a trip and matkustaa is to travel, so don't say minä matkan. (A post about traveling coming soon!)



Don't say yksi when reading out for example the year 1978, tuhat yhdeksänsataa seitsemänkymmentä kahdeksan. Same goes with hundred, so 150 is sataviisikymmentä. 

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Fatima said...

I have problem with thes two,
Kuten and kuin. Would you please explain about it?

Anonymous said...

- "Kuten" has similar meaning like "esimerkiksi" and is used as the same as "such as" in English when you want to list examples. Eg: Kaupassa on paljon älytaitteita kuten kännykköjä, älykelloja ja tabletteja. (In store, they have many smartdevices such as mobile phones, smart watches and tablets).
- "Kuin" is used when making a comparison between two things. Eg: Minun kännykkä on kalliimpi kuin sinun. (My phone is expensive than your). Pedro on pidempi kuin minä. (Pedro is taller than me)