Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Very common mistakes in Finnish

Have you ever tried to say Minä työn? You are not alone!

Here's a small post about very common mistakes that almost everybody has made or will make at some point. Feel free to leave a comment, if you have something to add to this list.

1. Ya is not a Finnish word. And is spelled ja. (Ya is Spanish and means jo - already.)

2. Työdä is not a word. (At least not yet!)

3. Kotoisin is not a verb. The expression to be (originally) from somewhere always requires the verb olla in front of it. Like in Minä olen kotoisin Seinäjoelta. - I'm originally from Seinäjoki, I grew up in Seinäjoki.

4. Takaisin is also not a verb. It just means back, and it's used in expressions like Milloin sä tuut takaisin? - When will you come back? and Katso, kuka on tullut takaisin. - Look who's back. 

5. Say kirjoittaa, not kirjoa, unless you are embroidering.

6. Matka is a trip and matkustaa is to travel, so don't say minä matkan. (A post about traveling coming soon!)

7. It's normaalisti, not normaalisesti.

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Fatima said...

I have problem with thes two,
Kuten and kuin. Would you please explain about it?

Anonymous said...

- "Kuten" has similar meaning like "esimerkiksi" and is used as the same as "such as" in English when you want to list examples. Eg: Kaupassa on paljon älytaitteita kuten kännykköjä, älykelloja ja tabletteja. (In store, they have many smartdevices such as mobile phones, smart watches and tablets).
- "Kuin" is used when making a comparison between two things. Eg: Minun kännykkä on kalliimpi kuin sinun. (My phone is expensive than your). Pedro on pidempi kuin minä. (Pedro is taller than me)