Friday, August 4, 2017

Finnish war movies

You must have noticed that the new version of Tuntematon sotilas - The Unknown Soldier will have its premiere on October 27. To prepare for that, you could watch some older Finnish movies about the war and other events in the past. All you need is a Finnish library card and a dvd player, and you can watch all these movies for free. Watching movies is a great way to learn about Finland's history while practicing listening and even reading, if you choose to turn on the Finnish subtitles.

Movies about the Civil War:

Movies about the Winter war:

Movies about the Winter War and the Continuation war:

Movies about the Continuation War:

Movies about the Lapland War:

Books about Finnish history in easy Finnish.
All these books are from the library.
The picture is from my Instagram account.

p.s. Did you notice that my first simplification of a Finnish novel is out there? It is called Punainen kuin veri and it is a young adult novel by Salla Simukka. You can order the book online or borrow it from a Finnish library.

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