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Oh, mökki! It can be a modest cabin in the middle of nowhere or a fancy villa by the lake, but when you talk about mökki you have to focus when choosing the correct local ending.

Use the external cases when talking about mökki as a larger area:

  • Kuinka kauan sinä aiot olla mökillä? - How long are you planning to stay at the cabin?
  • Milloin te tulitte mökiltä? - When did you return from the cabin?
  • Tervetuloa meidän kesämökille! - Welcome to our summer cottage! 

Use the internal cases when referring to a specific building:

  • Kummassa mökissä haluat nukkua? - In which cabin (out of two) do you want to sleep?
  • Mistä mökistä tuo meteli kuuluu? - Which cabin is that noise coming from?
  • Tulkaa meidän mökkiin, kun kaikki muut nukkuvat. - Come to our cabin when all the others are sleeping.

Other often heard sentences with mökki:

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