Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shopping in a grocery store

Here's something for the beginners and for anyone who is bored with Angry Birds and wants to get addicted to a new game. Papumarket is a grocery store game on a website called Papunet. What a great way to practice the supermarket items in Finnish!

The game is all in Finnish, but here are the main  instructions and headings translated. I'm sure you'll figure out the rest. Have fun playing!

  • Harjoittele kaupassakäyntiä / maksamista. - Practice shopping / paying. 
  • Valitse vaikeustaso. - Choose the level of difficulty.

  • Ostoslista - Shopping list
  • Edellinen / Seuraava osasto - Previous / Next department
  • Valitse osasto - Choose the department
  • Kassalle - To the checkout

  • Hedelmät - Fruits
  • Juurekset ja vihannekset - Root vegetables and vegetables
  • Leipomotuotteet - Bakery products
  • Einekset ja säilykkeet - Prepared and canned foods
  • Mausteet, öljyt ja kastikkeet - Spices, oils and sauces
  • Jauhot, murot ja makaronit - Flours, cereals and macaronis
  • Liha, kala, kana - Meat, fish, chicken
  • Maitotuotteet - Dairy products
  • Virvoitusjuomat, kahvit ja teet - Soft drinks, coffees and teas
  • Pakasteet - Frozen foods
  • Makeiset ja naposteltavat - Candies and snacks
  • Koti ja hygienia - Home and hygiene


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest focusing a bit on spoken language, since it's the main thing for most people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Posts about the spoken language coming.

Anonymous said...

Papunet rocks! I like the recycling bin game :)