Saturday, March 2, 2013

jauho - jauhe

Inspired by a baking session with a certain young person, here is a mini lesson about two nouns that are almost the same. Jauho is flourJauhe is powder. The verb behind both nouns is jauhaa, to grind.

jauho, jauhon, jauhoa, jauhoja - flour

  • Saanko minä lisätä jauhot? - Can I add the flour?
  • Miksi lattialla on jauhoja? - Why is there flour on the floor?
  • Olen allerginen kaikille jauhoille. - I'm allergic to all kinds of flour. 

jauhe, jauheen, jauhetta, jauheita - powder

  • Voi ei, mä unohdin leivinjauheen! - Oh no, I forgot the baking powder!
  • Onko meillä kaakaojauhetta? - Do we have chocolate milk powder?
  • Jauheliha on tänään tarjouksessa. - Ground meat is on sale today.


Rore said...

That reminds me when I once tried to read a recipe in Finnish, with "fariinisokeri" in it.
In French "farine" means flour, so even if I knew the word jauho, I was pretty sure that fariinisokeri meant sugar that looks like flour, i.e. icing sugar. I was surprised to find this was actually brown sugar :)

Hanna said...

Oh yes, icing sugar is tomusokeri. Tomu means dust.

Anonymous said...

That -e ending is quite common: työste, syöte, pakote, ...

Anonymous said...

Miete, viete, este, ...