Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Verb type 5

This verb group is quite small. The verbs end with ita or itä. Drop the last vowel of the basic form and add se before the personal ending. There is no consonant gradation, and the past tense is easy as you just switch e into i. Do you still remember the reason behind the four important verb forms?

to choose: valita, valitsen, valitsin, valinnut

to need: tarvita, tarvitsen, tarvitsin, tarvinnut

to disturb: häiritä, häiritsen, häiritsin, häirinnyt

to control: hillitä, hillitsen, hillitsin, hillinnyt

  • Hillitse itsesi, nuori mies! - Control yourself, young man!

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Weldon & Crystal said...

Hei Hanna! Unrelated to this post, but were you saying you had a post about the very small list of words in Finnish that don't ever have ending changes? Love this blog!

Hanna said...

Yes, it's this one: Actually there's even more indeclinable words such as the conjunctions (ja, mutta, jos, tai, vai..) and some of those words in the list you can still decline in comparison: hyvin, paremmin, parhaiten.