Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kuinka usein? Milloin viimeksi?

Here are some useful questions and time expressions. Try to use them next time you're having small talk in Finnish!

Kuinka usein sä käyt sun vanhempien luona? - How often do you visit your parents?

  • Kerran viikossa. - Once a week. 
  • Kaksi kertaa kuussa. - Twice a month.
  • Kolme kertaa vuodessa. - Three times a year. 
  • Joka kesä. - Every summer.
  • Tosi harvoin. - Very rarely. 
  • En koskaan.- Never.

Milloinkävit viimeksi sun kotimaassa? - When did you last visit your home country?

  • Viikko sitten. - A week ago. 
  • Kaksi viikkoa sitten. - Two weeks ago.
  • Viime vuonna. - Last year.
  • Toissa kesänä.  - The summer before last summer.
  • Monta vuotta sitten. - Many years ago.

Here's my Memrise course about time expressions.

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Nick O. said...

Mä kävin mun kotimassa kaksi viikkoa sitten :D

kordate said...

My father was Finnish but I have lived in Canada all my life and speak only English.
Can someone give me the correct pronunciation of my surname, Tuori?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Try here: Just type your name (or any Finnish word or phrase) into the speech bubble and click 'puhu'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this website is very nice.

Fazlix said...

This is like a treasure