Monday, September 15, 2014

How to talk about being busy and urgent in Finnish

Notice the difference in use between these three words that all mean busy, hurry, or some sort of rush.

Kiire - hurry (a noun)

  • Minulla on kiire. - I'm busy.
  • Onko sulla kiire? - Are you busy?
  • Miksi sulla on aina kiire? - Why are you always in a hurry?

Kiireinen - busy (an adjective)

  • Hän on todella kiireinen. - He is really busy.
  • Ensi viikko on todella kiireinen, mutta sitten helpottaa. - Next week will be really hectic, but then it will be easier.

Kiireellinen - urgent (an adjective, not used with people.)

Älä kiirehdi. - Don't rush.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hanna! :)

Unknown said...

On yllättävää, että sinä aina löydät suomen kielestä jotain todella hämmentävä (confusing) ulkomaalaisille. Nämä kiire- sanat olivat oikein epäselviä
minulle. Kiitos paljon selityksestä.

Arctica said...

I don't think I understand the difference... is it just the degree of urgency that changes, so they get progressively stronger?

Hanna said...

Hyvä kysymys! :)

'Kiire' is used with the 'minulla on' structure.
'Minulla on kiire' and 'Minä olen kiireinen' are pretty much the same.
'Kiireellinen' is urgent. A person cannot be kiireellinen, but it's always a thing that is.

Anonymous said...

I would say kiireinen refers to a general condition (possibly over a longer time span) which may include periods of lull, etc. whereas kiire refers to a more constant hurry (and often a shorter period of time).
Note that kiireinen is kiire + -inen i.e. "has (some) hurry" and kiireellinen "includes hurry". Think punainen and laktoosillinen.

Unknown said...

Miksi sulla on aika kiire? Why it's aika and not aina? Aika =time and aina = always.

Hanna said...

..because there was a typo! Thanks for noticing, it's fixed now.:)

Anonymous said...

Minä olen iloinen kun näin sinun blog tänään ja opin sinulta.
Paljon kiitoksia

Anonymous said...

Hei what about "ei kiire" or "ei kiirettä" - if I want to mean "no hurry"?
Are they both OK?