Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Kutsua is one of those verbs with several meanings. The four important forms are kutsua, kutsun, kutsuin and kutsunut. 

to invite

  • Mä en tiedä, kenetkutsuisin ensi-iltaan. - I don't know whom I'd invite to the premiere.
  • Kuinka monta vierasta te aiotte kutsua? - How many guests are you going to invite?
  • Kutsuitko sä Jaakon? - Did you invite Jaakko?
  • Miksi sä jätit mut kutsumatta? - Why didn't you invite me?

to call someone something

  • Te voitte kutsua minua Hannaksi. - You can call me Hanna.
  • Millä nimellä sä kutsut sun isoäitiä? - What do you call your grandma?

You might also seen this verb in media a lot lately, as #kutsumua is a campaign against bullying in school.

In spoken language, I'd also use sanoa, to say. The four important forms are sanoa, sanon, sanoin, sanonut.

  • Te voitte  sanoa mua Hannaksi. - You can call me Hanna. 
  • Ei saa sanoa ketään tyhmäksi! - You're not allowed so call anyone stupid!

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the related word kutsut.

Hanna said...

kutsu - an invitation
kutsut - invitations, but also a small party.
lastenkutsut - children's party
kutsumus - calling, mission