Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finnish verbs that are the same in present and past

Pay attention to these verbs, because sometimes it might be really confusing that they look the same when conjugated in positive present and past tenses. The list is actually quite long. Whenever there is an i before the infinitive ending, the verb conjugates (almost) the same way in present and past. The verbs are either verb type 1 or 2 verbs. Verb type 2 is always the same. With verb type 1 verbs, the only thing that makes a difference is the third person singular. In other cases, you'll just have to figure out the meaning from the context.

The present conjugation of tanssia:

  • Minä tanssin - I dance
  • Sinä tanssit  - You dance
  • Hän tanssii - S/he dances
  • Me tanssimme - We dance
  • Te tanssitte  - You dance
  • He tanssivat - They dance

The past tense conjugation of tanssia:

  • Minä tanssin - I danced
  • Sinä tanssit - You danced
  • Hän tanssi  - S/he danced
  • Me tanssimme  - We danced
  • Te tanssitte - You danced
  • He tanssivat - They danced

Here are some common verbs that behave the same way:

Verb type 1:
  1. ehtiä - to have time to do something
  2. etsiä - to look for, to search
  3. imuroida - to vacuum
  4. miettiä - to think in order to find a solution
  5. oppia - to learn
  6. sopia - to agree, to be suit
  7. tanssia - to dance
  8. tutkia - to investigate, to research, to examine

Verb type 2: 
  1. analysoida - to analyze
  2. arvioida - to evaluate
  3. konsertoida - to have a concert
  4. tupakoida - to smoke
  5. uida - to swim
  6. voida - to be able to

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Yan Nathan Pan said...

I just relaized that there are differences in "hän".
hän tanssii vs. tanssi
one and two vowels make incredible difference in tenses. I noticed it until hundreds of failure on

Hanna said...

Glad that I could help! :) Oh, let me know if you'd like to have something specific in Memrise. I haven't created a new course for a long time, and it's always nice to create study material that is useful and used.