Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to ask Finns to speak easier Finnish

This post is kind of similar to my post How to make Finns speak Finnish, not English. A friend of mine wanted to know how to make Finns speak easier Finnish. Here's what we came up with:

  1. Anteeksi, mutta voisitko sanoa sen uudelleen suomeksi? - I'm sorry, but could you say it again in Finnish?
  2. Voisitko puhua vähän hitaammin? - Could you speak a bit more slowly?
  3. Odota vähän. - Wait a little while. 
  4. Anteeksi, en ymmärtänyt. - Sorry, but I didn't understand.
  5. Mikä se ensimmäinen kysymys oli? - What was the first question?
  6. Voitko sanoa viimeisen lauseen uudelleen? - Can you say the last sentence again?
  7. Minä en ymmärrä, mitä verenpaine tarkoittaa. Voitko selittää sen minulle? - I don't understand what blood pressure means. Can you explain it to me?
  8. Voisitko kääntää tämän minulle? - Could you translate this for me?
  9. Kuinka sanotaan suomeksi I wonder? - How do you say I wonder in Finnish?
  10. Anteeksi, mutta mä en ihan ymmärtänyt. - I'm sorry, but I didn't quite understand. 

Check out this excellent post from Fluent in 3 months: How to convince natives to speak to you in their language.

10 vinkkiä selkokielellä puhumiseen. 

10 tips for speaking easy Finnish. 

Print this and bring it to work!

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My name is Hanna Männikkölahti, and I am a native Finn who gives private lessons via Skype and simplifies books into easy Finnish. Please leave a comment, if you have something to ask about Finnish or novels in easy Finnish.

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Anonymous said...

Kiitos! What are natural ways to say:

- How do you say X in Finnish?
- Sorry, I didn't totally understand/I didn't quite understand (I'm wondering about the "totally"/"quite")

Hanna said...

Eipä kestä! :) Mä lisäsin nuo lauseet tuohon postaukseen.