Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Looking for some help with languages

The purpose of this post is to ask for some help from my readers.

I've recently started teaching Finnish to asylum seekers who don't speak any English. In that situation, I'm teaching suomea suomeksi, acting, drawing and also using online translation tools. However, I'd love to have my own little list of Finnish phrases and structures translated into Dari, Somali, and Arabic

Please leave me a message in the comments, if you can help me or if you know someone who could. I'll send you a link to a Google Drive document where I have collected the sentences I'd like to know. (I don't read Arabic or Dari, so those languages should be written in  Latin alphabet.)

Update on February 28: Amazing how fast you can find help through Facebook! I already found people who were able to help me. Here's a link to the document, if you want to see what kind of phrases I wanted to know.

Kiitos kaikille avusta!

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Geindre de l'Amoure said...

I am happy that I found your website. Also the translation for arabic was really good and clear. However, if you still would like ti get more arabic translation I can help :) .