Monday, September 5, 2016

How to use the Finnish words 'lisää' and 'enemmän'

Lisää is more, additionally. 
Enemmän is also more, but it's the comparative form of paljon, a lot.

Here's how to use them in sentences:

  • Saisinko lisää kahvia? - Could I have more coffee, please? (I already had some but I drank it and now I want more.)
  • Saisinko enemmän kahvia? - Could I have more coffee, please? (You only gave me some and I'd like to have some more.)
  • Ota lisää ruokaa. - Take more food. (Your plate is empty. Take more.)
  • Ota enemmän ruokaa. - Take more food. (You took too little. Take more.)

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bsb said...

That's a little gem of information!! Kiitti.

Ülkem Aydın said...

That's great, thank you.

Anonymous said...

would be great to include enää in this comparison.