Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to make your company support your Finnish studies

Finnish bosses can be really nice. Even so nice that they pay for their employee's private Finnish lessons! Here are some phrases that you could use next time you have a talk with your boss: 

  • Voisinkohan mä opiskella suomea työajalla? - I was wondering if I could use some of my work hours for studying Finnish?
  • Voisikohan firma maksaa osan mun suomen oppitunneista? - I was wondering if the company could pay part of my Finnish lessons?
  • Siitä olisi varmasti hyötyä koko firmalle. - I'm sure that it would be beneficial for the whole company. 
  • Olen löytänyt opettajan, joka opettaa Skypessä. - I've found a teacher who teaches in Skype. 
  • Voin aloittaa ja lopettaa milloin vain. - I can start and quit whenever I want.
  • Voisinko kokeilla vaikka X kertaa? - Could I try for example X amount of times?

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