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Easy Finnish book tips from Katrien

Here's a text written by Katrien from Belgium. I'm always so happy to share what readers have read!

Katrien's list of books in easy Finnish

  1. Mimmu Tihinen: Toivottavasti huomenna sataa
  2. Marja-Leena Tiainen: Hiekalle jätetyt muistot
  3. Rudyard Kipling / Pertti Rajala: Viidakkopoika
  4. Jalmari Finne / Riikka Kuningas: Kiljusen herrasväki
  5. Tuija Hannula: Toppatakin alla on sydän
  6. Eve Hietamies / Hanna Männikkölahti: Yösyöttö
  7. Eve Hietamies / Hanna Männikkölahti: Tarhapäivä 
  8. Eve Hietamies / Hanna Männikkölahti: Hammaskeiju

"I am a Finnish student since March 2020. In September 2020, after an intensive grammar course online, I started reading my first selkokirja Toivottavasti huomenna sataa by Mimmu Tihinen. The book is very good for beginners. The story is beautiful, so it keeps you reading.

A month later I read Hiekalle jätetyt muistot by Marja-Leena Tiainen. It was more difficult, but the story was so touching, that it kept me going. I needed to search many news words and it took me some weeks to finish it, but I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to this book, I learned lots of new words!
In February 2021, I started a real live Finnish course and I had my first conversations in Finnish. My experience grew, and in the summer of 2021, I could read a more difficult book: Viidakkopoika by Rudyard Kipling (simplified by Pertti Rajala). It was such a nice book and challenged me to understand more Finnish grammar and Finnish ways of speaking.
I discovered shortly after Artemira's books in easy Finnish. The books are classic Finnish (old) stories and come in 3 levels: Helppo (800 words), Keskitaso (1200 words) and Vaativa (1800 words). The book about the Kiljunen family, Kiljusen Herrasväki by Jalmari Finne (simplified by Riikka Kuningas)  made me laugh out loud many times.

At the bottom of every page are (in Finnish) explanations of some 'difficult’ words and after each chapter are (multiple choice) questions about the chapter. At the end of the book are some exercices about grammar. That is why I like these books a lot, but the stories are old and very different from the time we live now. So you know.
I have been a member of Finking Cap Club since last summer, and there we are reading a very nice and a rather easy book Toppatakin alla on sydän by Tuija Hannula. The book is very interesting, because you get to know more about how Finnish people live, think and feel; and it made me laugh lots of times. Highly recommended too!
Then, finally I read my very first books simplified by Hanna Männikölahti: Yösyöttö and Tarhapäivä (and currently reading Hammaskeiju). And what a joy it is!! Those books are very different from what I read so far, but what an eyeopener! There's a lot of puhekieli, which was challenging at first, because it is so much different from the kirjakieli I read so far. But it gives me a better idea of how Finnish people speak in real live, so it will sure take me to a next level in my studies. And, I finally learnt to swear in Finnish! Hanna has a Quizlet course about the book, so you can practice new words. Although the story in this trilogy is quite sad, I love the Finnish humour a lot!
I hope you are ok and enjoying the cold time in Finland.
Mukavaa päivänjatkoa ja terveisiä Belgiasta!

Terveisin Katrien"

Kuva Katrienin selkokirjahyllystä.

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