Saturday, September 3, 2022

How to say 'just in case' in Finnish

Just in case is either varalta or suosiolla, depending on the situation. 

Varalta = Just in case, in a neutral way.

  • Ostin varalta kaksi pulloa viiniä - I bought two bottles of wine, just in case. 
  • Ota varalta sateenvarjo mukaan. - Take an umbrella with you, just in in case (it rains). 
  • Otin kopioita siltä varalta, että joku unohti kirjansa kotiin. - I took copies in case someone forgot their book at home. 
  • Notice that in some dialects, people say varulta or varuilta.

'Suosiolla' has this idea that things could or will go badly. When you say 'suosiolla', you have kind of given up. 

  • Ostin suosiolla kaksi pulloa viiniä -  I bought two bottles of wine. Just in case, but I know that people will drink wine, and if I don't have enough, they'll be upset.
  • Otan suosiolla sateenvarjon mukaan. - I'll take an umbrella with me because I'm sure that it will rain. 
  • Siirretäänkö kokous suosiolla ensi viikolle? - Shall we postpone the meeting to the next week as it seems quite obvious that most people won't be able to come this week?

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mulla on kysymys,

onko "Otin kopioita siltä varalta.." voi tämän kääntää englanniksi: "I take copies of this just in case.." ?

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