Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fascinating essive

I haven't really written anything about the essive case, because this excellent web page already exists. However, here are more sentences where the word in essive answers the questions How? and In what way?

  • Katsoin uutisia huolestuneena. - I watched the news feeling worried.
  • Istuin väsyneenä bussissa. - I sat on the bus feeling tired. 
  • En voinut mennä kouluun sairaana. - I couldn't go to school ill.
  • Soitin surullisena äidille. - I called mom and I was sad. 
  • Lähdin vihaisena kuntosalille. - I went (left) to the gym in an angry mood.
  • Tulin virkistyneenä kotiin. - I came home refreshed.

Ylpeänä esittelen tämän vuoden selkokirjojani!
I'm proudly presenting my this year's easy Finnish novels!
 (Osta vaikka kaverille joululahjaksi.)

Notice the difference between the adverb (often a word ending with sti) and the essive form of the adjective:

  • "Hei", hän sanoi iloisena. - "Hei", she said happily. (She was happy.)
  • "Hei", hän sanoi iloisesti. - "Hei", she said happily. (In a happy manner, in a happy tone of voice.)
  • Hän tanssi tyylikkäänä. - He danced dressed stylishly. (The person was stylish.)
  • Hän tanssi tyylikkäästi. - He danced stylishly. (The dancing was stylish.)

Kiehtovaa, eikö olekin? - Fascinating, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Being a fan in Finnish (and a list of Antti Holma links)

Ketä suomalaista artistia sinä seuraat?  - Which Finnish artist do you follow? 

I often advice my students that they should find a Finnish artist that they really really like, and then try to listen and read everything about him or her, and also follow the person in social media. Antti Holma is definitely one of my favourite Finnish actors and media personalities. If you like him too, you might enjoy the following list. If not, you can find similar information about some other Finn.

Lue ensin selkokirja, niin opit lisää suomea. Sitten voit lukea Antti Holman Järjestäjän.:)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Useful video clips in Finnish

If you don't know Yle's Asiointisuomea yet, you should definitely check it out. You can watch video clips in different situtations and also read the scripts. Asioida means to run errands, so asiointi is running errands. These are the topics of the videos:

  • Kahvilassa ja ravintolassa - In a cafe and at a restaurant
  • Kuntosalilla - At the gym
  • Kirjastossa - In the library
  • Pankissa ja vakuutusyhtiössä - In the bank and at the insurance company
  • Vaatekaupassa - In a clothes store
  • Ruokakaupassa - In a grocery store
  • Onnettomuustilanteessa - In the event of an accident
  • Lääkärissä - At the doctor's
  • Puhelinoperaattorin liikkeessä - In a teleoperator store

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"Read a book in easy Finnish. It will help you learn more Finnish."

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mitä uutta joulukuussa? What's new in December?

Here's a post about my books and courses that are available right now. The newest thing is that my third simplification will be out in just a couple of days! Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja ärhäkkä koululainen is a children's novel, and you can already preorder it in I will definitely show the book in my Instagram once I have it, so you cannot miss it. :)

Novels that have been published earlier this year:

"Read a book in easy Finnish. It helps you learn more Finnish."

Available courses:


I also have a podcast channel where my goal is to speak easy Finnish. I'm either interviewing people about their job or hobbies, or just talking by myself.

Book club:

If you want to discuss easy Finnish books with other readers, you can join this Facebook book club hosted by my Facebook page. Right now, we are reading a story called Kauno ja Sutki. Of course, there is also a Memrise course so that you don't have to struggle alone with the new vocabulary.

Private lessons:

Here's my website about the private lessons. It says that I cannot take any new students right now, but I actually can, if you are ok with studying on Mondays or Tuesdays between 9.00 and 15.00. Other times might be negotiable, too, and you can always suggest topics and schedules for group courses.

Boot camp in Tampere:

Finally, if you have read this far, you might be excited to hear that on April 27-29 in 2018,  I will have a weekend course in Finnish at the Varala Sports Institute in Tampere! There won't be any lectures or grammar workshops, but the idea is that we will have a relaxing weekend speaking Finnish and participating in a couple of sports classes that I have chosen and professional sports people will teach. I am always willing to teach and talk about the details of Finnish grammar, but I won't be waking anybody up at 6 o'clock in the morning to conjugate verbs. I will soon have a real ad about the weekend, but send me an email ( if you want to know more about the weekend already now. I have booked rooms for 10 ladies.