Monday, December 3, 2012

kysyä - pyytää

I'm kind of addicted to checking out the daily views of this blog (approximately 100 on a postless day, double when I post something new and toot my horn about it)  and especially the search keywords. Here's a post for the person who searched for pyytää. In short, kysyä is to ask and pyytää is to ask for something, to request.

  • Kysyitkö jotain? - Did you ask something?
  • En kehtaa kysyä. - I don't dare to ask, it's too embarrassing.
  • Minä kysyn Annalta, voiko hän auttaa. - I'll ask Anna if she can help. 


Anonymous said...

Very useful - thanks

Anonymous said...

I love this blog:)
I had been wondering what the difference between these two words were.

Kiitos paljon

Elena said...

I think the English equivalent of pyytää might be to request. We typically don't use that verb in everyday speech, but keeping it in mind helps me to grasp the difference between pyytää and kysyä.