Thursday, November 9, 2017

Writing tips

Here are writing tips for those who are taking the intermediate Yki exam.

  • Lue ohjeet huolellisesti. - Read the instructions carefully. 
  • Ole yksinkertainen. - Be simple. (The exam is not the place to try out new things, so write what you know is correct.)
  • Älä kirjoita liian pitkiä lauseita. - Don't write sentences that are too long.
  • Käytä vain sanoja, jotka tiedät. - Use only words that you know.
  • Kirjoita selkeällä käsialla. - Use clear handwriting. (A real human being will read your text.)
  • Tarkista lopuksi, että ymmärrät itse, mitä olet kirjoittanut. - After writing, check that you understand what you have written.

You learn to write by writing and getting feedback from your texts. You should also read a lot. And watch my YouTube video about writing.

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