Saturday, December 8, 2012

Words ending with 'nen'

Just like Finnish has verb types, we also have noun types. That matters when you have to add an ending after a word, because sometimes the word stems change. This post is about nouns that end with nen

 A short list of nouns and adjectives ending with -nen:

  • nainen, ihminen, lautanen, lapanen - a woman, a human being, a plate, a mitten
  • punainen, sininen, keltainen, valkoinen - red, blue, yellow, white
  • iloinen, surullinen, onnellinen, erikoinen, erityinen,  tyytyväinen, ensimmäinen, viimeinen - glad, sad, happy, exceptional, particular, content, the first, the last
  • yksinkertainen, kaksinkertainen - simple, double (Check out my post about the long adjectives!)
  • kreikkalainen, mongolialainen, ghanalainen, kongolainen, helsinkiläinen - Greek, Mongolian, Ghanaian, Congolese, a person from Helsinki
  • leipominen, siivoaminen, nukkuminen - baking, cleaning, sleeping  (Check out my post about making a verb into a noun)

Four important forms that are worth memorizing by heart:

  • nominative suomalainen: Minä olen suomalainen. - I am Finnish.
  • genitive suomalaisen: Tänään on suomalaisen musiikin päivä. - Today (8.12.) is the Finnish music's day, the day of Finnish music.
  • partitive suomalaista: Älä pakota minua kuuntelemaan suomalaista musiikkia. - Don't force me to listen to Finnish music. 
  • plural partitive suomalaisia: Onko sinulla suomalaisia kavereita? - Do you have Finnish friends? 

The singular stem ends with -se.

 However, partitive is always suomalaista, which is confusingly close to suomalaisesta.

  • partitive: Rakastan suomalaista kahvia! - I love Finnish coffee!
  • elative: Tykkäätkö suomalaisesta ruoasta? - Do you like Finnish food? 
  • adessive: Mun suomalaisella kaverilla on bileet. - My Finnish friend has a party.
  • essive: Pidätkö itseäsi suomalaisena? - Do you consider yourself Finnish?

Common plural forms: 

  • nominative: Suomalaiset ovat täällä! - The Finns are here!
  • genitive: Olin ulkona mun suomalaisten kavereiden kanssa. - I was out with my Finnish friends.
  • partitive: En ymmärrä suomalaisia miehiä. - I don't understand Finnish men.
  • adessive: Miksi suomalaisilla hevibändeillä on niin paljon faneja Saksassa ja Etelä-Amerikassa? - Why do the Finnish heavy bands have so many fans in Germany and South America?
  • allative: Lähetin mun suomalaisille kavereille kutsun. - I sent an invitation to my Finnish friends. 

You can check out all the other forms in Wikisanakirja.

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Tommy Quist said...

I remember one of the first patterns that I managed to make out when I got to finland was the -nen to -sen transformation and I remember thinking how odd it was that the change would occur so "far" back (as in, I thought three letters in was "far") This was before I was actually trying to learn Finnish, though.

Unknown said...

Before also I tried to find the rule to make noun from verb besides 4. infinitiivi. But it is so difficult. because even verbityypi 1 has many ways to get noun. For example

verbityypi 1 kirjoittaa-kirjoitus,

verbityypi 2 käydä-käynti

verbityypi 3 epäillä-epäilys

verbityypi 4 halata-hali

verbityypi 5 tarvita-tarve

Because it is very useful and helpful. Hope I can get a good answer from u . Paljon kiitoksia .

Hanna said...

Oh my.. I have to study that and get back to the topic! :) I've never thought about the verb types from this point of view. Here's a link that you might find interesting:
Especially the point 7)Teonnimet.

For anybody interested in word formation, 'Miten sanoja johdetaan' by Anneli Brown, Anna-Liisa Lepäsmaa and Leena Silfverberg is a good book.

Unknown said...

before I collect many verb ,but i lose the paper. i have found some rules....pity pity

Unknown said...

Today I borrowed this book from libary. It is wonderful book, so I cant stop reading it . I already read 20 pages. Thanks so much ...

Hanna said...

Hyvä, Aiko! :) Munkin pitäisi ostaa se kirja itselleni.

Anonymous said...

I think punainen is derived from puna.

Unknown said...

Kannata ostaa Se on halvin. Hinta on 32.20 €, ilmainen toimitus. En minä tarvitse ostaa sitä. Haluaisin ostaa <> ensin. :) Mun kirjanostoslista on täynnä.