Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pharmacy shopping in Finnish

Here are some useful sentences to use when shopping in apteekki:

Common cold and aching:

  • Mun nenä on tukossa. - My nose is stuffy.
  • Mun nenä valuu / vuotaa. - I have a runny nose. 
  • Minulla on yskä. - I have cough. (kuiva = dry, limainen = slimy)
  • Mulla on kurkku / selkä kipeä. - My throat / back hurts. 
  • Minulla on pää kipeä. - I have a headache. 
  • Minulla on kuumetta. - I have fever. 
  • Joka paikkaan sattuu! - I am hurting all over!

Intimate issues:

  • Minulla on ripuli. - I have a diarrhea. 
  • Minulla on ummetusta.  - I'm constipated.
  • Minulla on peräpukamia. - I have hemorrhoids. 
  • Tarvitsen jälkiehkäisyä. - I need emergency contraception. 
  • Haluaisin ostaa raskaustestin. - I'd like to buy a pregnancy test. 

Showing the pharmacists what's going on:

Here's my pro tip if you have kids with warts, syyliä: Syylend (liquid, not the pen) is the best product to get rid of them. Oh, and here's a funny song by Kalevauva.fi.

Parane pian! - Get well soon!

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Thera said...

What do you say if you're picking up an order (prescription)? (In English, something like, "I think there's a prescription for me"

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Hmm.. I think that I usually just say "Mulla on tällainen resepti" and then either give the paper prescription or/and my Kela card to the pharmacist.