Thursday, February 5, 2015

How do you feel in Finnish?

There are so many ways  to decribe how you feel in Finnish. I already have a post about the verbs tuntea and tuntua, but here are some sentences that came to my mind, organized according to the structure.

To have a certain type of a feeling, olo:

  • Mulla on kuumeinen olo. - I'm feeling feverish.
  • Mulla oli eilen tosi kummallinen olo. - I felt really weird yesterday. 
  • Mulla on ihan paska olo. - I feel like sh*t.
  • Onko sulla jo parempi olo? - Are you feeling better already?
  • Mulla on tosi hyvä olo! - I'm feeling great!

Partitive + a feeling verb

  • Mua väsyttää. - I'm feeling tired. 
  • Mua ärsyttää. - I'm annoyed.
  • Eikö tämä asia huolestuta ketään muuta? - Doesn't this thing make anyone else worried?


  • Kuinka sä voit tänään? - How do you (physically) feel today?
  • Voitko sä vielä huonosti? - Are you still feeling sick?
  • Mä voin ihan hyvin. - I'm feeling just fine.

Tuntua + lta

  • Minusta tuntuu siltä, että pian tapahtuu jotain kamalaa. - I feel like (it) that something horrible is going to happen soon. (This one seems to be the most difficult one. Notice that the person who feels is in the elative case. You can also leave the person out.)
  • Musta tuntui tyhmältä seisoa siellä. - I felt stupid standing there. 
  • Se tuntui musta tosi pahalta. - It felt really bad for me. 
  • Miltä nyt tuntuu? - How does it feel now?
  • Tämä tuntuu hyvältä. - This feels good.

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Anonymous said...

Endings of -ua and -yä are good hints for intransitive verbs but they are also often verbs where the "object" of the action is the subject.