Saturday, March 24, 2018

How to talk about home in Finnish

I can't believe that I haven't written about koti yet! I do have posts about common nouns such as lapsi, vuosi and mökki, but nothing about koti until now.

Sentences with koti:

  • genitive: Meidän kodin vieressä on puisto. - There is a park next to our home. 
  • partitive: Minulla on kaksi kotia. - I have two homes. 
  • illative: Mä menen kotiin. - I'm going (to) home. 
  • ablative: Täällä tuoksuu ihan meidän kodilta. - It smells just like our home here. 
  • essive: Hän pitää tätä kotinaan. - He conciders this his home.
  • translative: Kutsutko sinä tätä kodiksi? - Do you call this a home?

Irregular forms: kotona and kotoa

  • Missä sinä olit?  - Kotona. - Where were you?  - At home. (Kotona is actually a locative, but let's just focus on the fact that it means at home.)
  • Mistä sinä tulet?  - Kotoa. - Where do you come from? - From home.

However, you can use the regular forms in these kind of sentences:

  • Näin järjestät juhlat pienessä kodissa. - Here's how you'll organize a party in a small home. (In a home in general)
  • Missä päiväkodissa teidän lapset ovat? - To which daycare do your children go?
  • Mä tykkään sun kodista! - I like your home! 
  • Me puhutaan Tiinan uudesta kodista. - We're talking about Tiina's new home.

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