Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to fart in Finnish

Do you know the difference between these verbs? They all have something to do with farting.

  1. pieraista
  2. piereskellä
  3. pierettää
  4. pierrä

These sentences might help you:

  1. Kuka pieraisi?
  2. Mun naapuri piereskelee parvekkeella. 
  3. Hernekeitto pierettää. 
  4. Häntä pieretti koko taksimatkan.
  5. Pierevätkö kaikki eläimet?

Here are the translations:

  1. pieraista - to fart once
  2. piereskellä - to fart continuously
  3. pierettää - to make you fart, to feel like farting
  4. pierrä - to fart in general
  1. Kuka pieraisi? - Who farted?
  2. Mun naapuri piereskelee parvekkeella. - My neighbour farts on the balcony.  
  3. Hernekeitto pierettää. - Pea soup makes you fart. 
  4. Häntä pieretti koko taksimatkan.  - He felt like farting during the whole taxi trip. 
  5. Pierevätkö kaikki eläimet? - Do all animals fart?

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Unknown said...

I obviously LOVE this one :)

Unknown said...

I remember the word for fart was pieru from my childhood growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan with many Finnish speaking relatives and neighbors. Have farts evolved ? or has the word evolved over the last 70 years?

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Pieru (a fart) is the same that it was 70 years ago.:)