Tuesday, October 5, 2021

How to use the Finnish verbs 'uusiutua' and 'uudistua'

I was reading an article about renewable energy with my student and realised that these two verbs are very close to each other, yet very different. 

Uusiutua = to recur or to be renewed

  • Uusi is new.
  • Uusiutuva is renewable. 
  • Pelkään, että syöpä uusiutuu. - I'm afraid that the cancer will come back.
  • Mitä ovat uusiutuvat luonnonvarat? - What are renewable natural resources?

Uudistua = to be updated or modernised


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Tommy Quist said...

Huh, interesting. The first thing that came to mind for me for "update" was this "päivittää" verb, probably because the number one usage I think of for "update" is a software update, and I believe for this one uses päivittää as well.

Meanwhile since I am not on social media, I had no clue päivittää was used for this. So when you päivität your social media, do you make a (some)päivitys, or is that not a thing people say?