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Dairy products in Finnish

Here's a post about Finnish dairy products. I've divided them into three categories whether they are liquidy, a bit thicker, or cheese.  You can check out more vocabulary and product pictures for example here:

Nestemäisiä - Liquidy

  • maito - milk
    • rasvaton - fat free (light blue carton)
    • kevyt  - light (1,5, % fat, blue carton)
    • täysmaito - 'full' milk (3,5 % fat, red carton)
  • piimä - sour milk, butter milk
  • kerma - cream
  • ruokakerma - cooking cream, literally food cream

Paksumpi koostumus - A bit thicker consistency

  • jogurtti - yoghurt
  • viili - cultured milk product, slimy consistency. Try for a breakfast!
  • kermaviili - a creamy viili, but not slimy. Often used when making dips.
  • smetana - sour cream that has 42 % fat. (Read an article about different sour creams.)
  • (maito)rahka - quark or curd, rich in protein. Rahka can also be flavoured. 
  • ranskankerma, crème fraîche - sour cream
  • jäätelö - ice cream

Juustoja - Cheeses

  • juusto - cheese
  • raejuusto - cottage cheese (A fun fact: rae is a hail. Mökki is a cottage.)
  • tuorejuusto - cream cheese, literally fresh cheese. Notice that kermajuusto is cheese made out of cream.
  • sulatejuusto - spreadable cheese that is slimier than tuorejuusto
  • kotijuusto, leipäjuusto - squeeky cheese (Koti is home and leipä is bread.)
  • homejuusto - cheese that is produced with cultures of mold, home
  • sinihomejuusto - blue cheese
  • juustoraaste - grated cheese

Kevytmaito, rasvaton maito, kerma,
tuorejuusto, juustoraaste, raejuusto ja voi.

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