Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How to use the Finnish word 'ilta'

Here's a little post about ilta, an evening, and consonant change.

These four cases have a strong grade: 

  • nominative: Se oli kiva ilta. - It was a nice evening.
  • partitive: En halua ajatella sitä iltaa. - I don't want to think about that night.
  • illative: Opiskelin iltaan asti. - I studied until evening.
  • essive: Tänä iltana se tapahtuu! - Tonight it will happen!

All the other cases have a weak grade: 

  • genitive: Muistan sen illan. - I remember that night.
  • inessive: Luin koko kirjan yhdessä illassa. - I read the whole book in one night.
  • elative: Illasta tuli tosi mukava. - The evening turned out really nice. 
  • adessive:  Nähdään illalla! - See you in the evening!
  • ablative:  Se kuulostaa kivalta illalta. - It sounds like a nice evening.
  • allative: Kurssi on jaettu kolmelle illalle  - The course is divided for three nights.
  • translative: Osta huomisillaksi limsaa. - Buy some pop/soda for tomorrow night. 

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