Saturday, July 24, 2021

Talking about vocabulary in Finnish

Sanasto and sanavarasto are two words that Finnish learners need quite often. They both mean vocabulary, but they are used a bit differently.


Sanasto is made of sana and a sto suffix.

  • Minun täytyy opiskella lisää sanastoa.  - I have to study more vocabulary. 
  • Onko tämän kirjan lopussa sanasto? - Is there a vocabulary / glossary at the end of this book?


Sanavarasto is someone's personal vocabulary, a storage space of words. 

  • Osaan kieliopin, mutta sanavarastoni on vielä pieni. - I know the grammar, but my vocabulary is still small. 
  • Hänellä on todella laaja sanavarasto. - She has a very broad vocabulary. 
  • Haluan laajentaa sanavarastoani. - I want to expand my vocabulary.

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Cassandra said...

Neat! I love that there is a word for sanavarasto.