Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two-letter words in Finnish

Just for the fun of it, huvin vuoksi, here's a list of Finnish words that have only two letters in the nominative or in the conjugated form: ei, en, et, he, ja, jo, me, mä, ne, no, on, oo, se, sä, te, ui, yö.

  1. ei - no, or s/he doesn't
  2. en - I don't
  3. et - you don't
  4. he - they (people)
  5. ja - and
  6. jo - already
  7. ku - because, then (in spoken language)
  8. me - we
  9. mä - I (in spoken language)
  10. ne - they (animals and things, but in spoken language also people)
  11. no - well
  12. ny - now (in spoken language)
  13. on - it is
  14. oo - spoken language form of ole, as in Minä en ole. - I am not.
  15. se - it, or s/he in spoken language
  16. sä - you in spoken language
  17. te - you plural
  18. ui - Swim! or s/he swims or s/he swam
  19. yö - night

Here are some sentences with the mini words:

  • Hei te, nyt on yö! - Hey you guys, it's nighttime now!
  • Et sä ui? - Don't you swim?
  • No ku se ei ui. - Well, because he doesn't swim.
  • Ne ei oo täällä ny. - They are not here now. 
  • Ne ui jo. - They swam already.
  • Ja entä mä? - And how about me?

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Anonymous said...

Nine, by my count:
“ad”, short for advertisement,
“ah”, an exclamation,
“am”, a verb,
“an” an article,
“as”, an adverb,
“at”, a preposition,
“be”, a verb,
“bi”, short for “bisexual”,
“by” an adverb. letter